Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Jamacia© 2007 Melissa R.Green

Materials: Size I Hook

Approx 1 1/2 oz w.w. yarn MC, 1/2 oz w.w. yarn CC

Gauge: Sq measures 15" x 15"

1-With MC, ch 47, dc in 4th ch from hook and each rem ch.

2-Turn, ch 4 sk 1 dc, dc in next dc ch 1, (sk 1 dc, dc in next dc, ch 1) rep across, dc in top of beg dc.

3-Turn, ch 3, dc in each dc and each ch 1 sp across.

Rep rows 2 and 3 untill square reachs approx 14 3/4 inchs.
Finish off, weave in ends

Edging- W/ CC join w/ a sl st in any corner sp, ch 1, 3 sc in sm sp, sc evenly around entire square placing 3 sc's in each corner sp, join in beg sc. Finish off Weave in ends

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